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Do you feel like Taylor Swift in this gif when it comes to SEO? If you said yes, I don’t blame you. SEO can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start first. I could go on for days about SEO, but here are my favorite tools I use to optimize my site: Step […]


New to SEO? Increase Your Website Traffic Quickly With These Tips!

SEO Website Tips

Do you ever wonder if you should get a custom website or a template website? The short answer is that it depends… Here are three main questions to ask yourself: What is my timeline? What is my budget? And do I want any part in updating my own website?   Now before reading the rest […]

Website Tips

Should you get a custom or template website?

Custom Website or Template Website?

Are you looking to sell a digital product on your Showit website? I suggest trying Shopify Lite. It’s affordable and user-friendly. There is an app in Shopify that you can download called Digital Download and its perfect for when you are selling digital products on your website because you can put a Buy Button on your […]


How To Use Shopify Lite To Sell Digital Products With The Showit Platform

Launch with Strategy and Ease

If you are anything like me you might hate trying to come up with content to write in your blog… Here are 6 ways you can stop second guessing yourself about what content will drive people to your website: 1.) Pinterest: Go on Pinterest and begin searching for different things related to your business. As […]

Website Tips

6 Ways To Find Content Ideas For Your Blog

How to find content for your website

As we all know, email marketing is the driving force behind converting your users into loyal customers, but often we forget how important it is to be strategic about where you put your opt-in forms on your website. Here are a list of places you should consider putting your opt-in: After a blog post In […]

Website Tips

10 Places For You To Put Your Opt-in Forms On Your Website

Website Opt-in Forms




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