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Do you want to provide the best user experience for your clients? Implement these 7 strategies to optimize the homepage of your website.  Step 1: Within the first 3-seconds of someone viewing your website, they should be able to figure out who you serve, what you offer, and what results you produce for your clients. […]

Website Tips

7 Must-Haves For Your Homepage

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            Meet my pup, Arlo! He’s a Golden Retriever and lovvveees treats! But then again, what kind of pup doesn’t love treats, right?! When I first got him, I was spending between $15 – $25 (every two weeks) on treats. Which at first, doesn’t seem like a lot, but then […]

Dog Recipes

Easy Blueberry Dog Treat Recipe

Why should you be repurposing content? The quick answer is: it saves time it reaches a new audience you don’t have to recreate the wheel. So how can you repurpose the content? Step 1: Write a blog post. The first thing you want to do is to create a list post (it’s easier for the […]


5 Ways To Save Time By Repurposing Your Content

Repurpose Content

Are you spinning your wheels trying to launch your online business? If you raised your hand, then you are in the RIGHT spot, my friend! The truth is, not too long ago, I was second-guessing my web design business and whether I was cut out for it. I had big dreams and ideas, but days […]


How To Launch An Online Business

Launch with Strategy and Ease

Implement SEO How often do you go on Google? If you’re like me, you are probably on it 20+ times a day, which means that others are doing that, too! Google plays a big role in helping you get discovered, so it’s important to make sure your SEO on your website is in good standing.  […]


6 Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Website Now

6 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website




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